A Goldmine For You In Times Of Uncertainty.

"Don't be silly! It can't happen here! Our government would never let this happen!"

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Are you having doubts about what people have said - that our economy is broken?  You simply cannot believe that what happened in the past could happen again?  "We're more prepared than this, right?"  "Our government must have a plan for preventing this sort of thing?"  "Anyway, I have ten grand in the bank, I'll be o.k. no matter what happens!"

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Actually no, they haven't and no you won't, because governments cannot stop what is happening.  Sure, there is wealth in the world - plenty of it and a small percentage have a much larger share that the average man on the street - this is the same as it always, it's not 'news'.

"But how do I know that the one pound coin, or the dollar bill, or the euros that I am holding are worth anything at all?"  The answer is simple - trust.  All our lives, we have collectively trusted the government in respect of the value of our respective currencies, but this is changing.

When a person, or a business, or even a large entity such as a government gets into debt to such an extent that their income will never be able to repay the money loaned, then they become insolvent.  Ordinary people and businesses simply have to hold up their hands and admit defeat.  Governments however, have one more trick up their sleeves - The Printing Press.  The problem is that printing money at times like these causes hyperinflation - the money is worth less and less.
Economists, bankers and politicians keep saying that everything is under control. Yet how many holidays can you now afford? Can you honestly say that your job is safe and that you could find another one? Can you buy more now with your own money (not credit...) than you could ten years ago?

"O.K. Mr. Gloom & Doom, How Do I Deal With This?"



Buy Gold.


The sooner, the better.


This site takes you to where you can find the latest, accurate information about gold.


This site will lead you to a service that allows you to own gold, but without all of the traditional hassles.

People think that the rise in gold prices must be over by now - it isn't (July 2011).  As long as there is a perception of the possibility that a country cannot service its debts, then the lure of the safety of a known value store, i.e. gold, silver, will remain.  Anyway, the primary reason for holding precious metals is protection, not profit.  Sure, you can make profits, based on changes in the market, but the reasons for the current upward trend are quite fundamental.


“The price of gold is too high!”

That's exactly what people were saying in 2006 when the price of gold was below $400.  In 2008 when it broke that, they seemed surprised again.  Here in 2011 the price is around $1500 per ounce

Mr. Hindsight - Most Places Worldwide.

Most People Can Not Believe What Is In Front Of Them.

Ordinary people don't believe. Politicians cannot - they know that cannot deliver what they know the public needs.

Gold Prices Rise In Line With The Beliefs Of The Smart Money.

The people who have the ability to protect themselves by way of purchasing solid-value assets early on will be able to pay bills.

Both Government And Business Continues On An Unsustainable Path.

Hope lives on in the hearts and minds of those who don't know. Everyone else is either resigned, or frustrated.



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  • Gold prices will go down as well as up.
  • Never invest more than you can afford.

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